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This isn't exactly the update on me that I had planned since the beginning of the year... time sure flies by. Way faster than I ever experienced. I can't believe that March is nearly over already. Hopefully this coming weekend will be better even if my to do list keeps on growing which just makes me avoid it all - which is so very helpful with reducing it!

Anyway, the reason for this post: I could use some more votes over on [community profile] lotr20in20!

round 03: tie breaker (round 2)
round 05: themes voting
round 05: category voting
round 05: ac voting

And for anyone who feels like making LotR/The Hobbit icons:
round 06: sign ups
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I could use some help with the round 2 tie breaker and round 3 voting for [community profile] lotr20in20! There aren't enough votes in any of the polls to close the voting. I'm hoping for at least 5 votes in each poll! So far there are only 2-3 for the round 3 voting and 4 in the round 2 tie breaker!

round 2: tie breaker
round 3: theme voting
round 3: category voting
round 3: ac voting

Even though there are only 5 days left you can still sign up for this round!
round 4: sign up
round 4: themes
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[community profile] lotr20in20 could use a few more votes for the round 2 tie breaker!

Additionally, if you want you cann still sign up! Finished sets of 20 icons can submitted until December 25th!

Sign Up
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I could use a couple of more votes for the tie breaker before I can post the results for round 01 of [community profile] lotr20in20! If anybody could vote I'd be really grateful! :)

Tie Breaker

(And if anyone wants to join round 02 - while the prompts are posted and only 14 days left, the sign ups are still open!)