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2020-01-01 12:01 am
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[sticky entry] Sticky: Friends Only

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This journal is friends only. It contains mostly posts about my personal life and to a minor degree some commentary on tv shows, movies, books, etc that I like.

Feel free to friend me, chances are that I might or might not friend you back depending on how much we have in common. Leaving a comment in this post, will increase the chances of that happening :)

As for my fandoms - there tend to be a few main fandoms that I don't ever seem to leave completely (Doctor Who, Sherlock and Harry Potter) and then there are a lot of other fandoms that I return to every now and then. This can be for a relatively short amount of time (a couple of weeks to a month) or for a bit longer (several months up to over a year).
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2017-10-19 07:45 pm

Oh icons, my icons...

About that icon making thing... during my vacation back in August, I made two icons (strictly speaking it's two versions of one icon) of Newt faking to sleep. I'm not sure if I like the colouring. One time I look at it and I like it and the next time I hate it. I've also got a lot of pictures picked out to make icons from.

I haven't opened Photoshop since.

Okay, my focus is more on typing up all of my handwritten stories and I guess I have kind of banished icon making until I'm done with that. Whenever that happens. At the beginning of October I've considered doing a bit of NaNoWriMo for myself (aka without officially signing up) but I had hoped to have everything typed up by then. Well, I haven't worked on it since early October. Instead I've added more handwritten notes to be typed up, because I'm such a good girl *tries to grin innocently*

Well, with my recent re discovery of CSI:Miami, I've looked at my icons... Right. I won't be using any of those. I made them before I switched to saving as png and they look it. It doesn't help that 10 years on (or was it longer than that?), I've switched my pairings around and actually don't like a character as much as I used to. And if I ever saved icons from other people? I deleted them in my clean up in August.

On the other hand, I haven't tried looking around yet. I fear that they may have all died the Photobucket death.
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2017-10-02 06:24 pm

Type Up Progress

I figured I'd do a little follow up on my vacation "type up" post (which can be found here). I've done some more writing posts since, but I think most of them were about snippets that amused me and my folder structure and less about progress.

Especially since I used up some evenings and Sundays to type up more as well as this weekend that I'm spending at my parents. I've at least managed to work my way through the little blue and green notebooks (as seen on the pictures in the post linked above) and a few more newly written stories. I've decided to do the spiral bound notebooks last even though I took them with me to my parents. They're the least likely to get out of order as they're all nicely connected. The number of loose papers missing a beginning or continuation are on the rise - at least when it comes to their percentage. I'm taking this to mean that I'm slowly starting to reach an end.

Which is a good thing. I'm seriously considering stopping to type up more today as I keep hitting the wrong keys.

Anyway, I think I had reached 33 pages during my last post again. Well, now I'm back to 116 pages - nearly at 117. It's mostly noticable in that saving takes a moment as does the scrolling. I guess I'll be splitting it up again and work on cleaning up my existing files a bit.

I think when I'm done typing up, I really need to post one of the stories that's filled up with WiPs that I see at random places. Mostly for Harry Potter, but I think it's a great idea. I think I might call it "Bunny Graveyard" or something like that...
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2017-09-26 10:05 pm
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Laughing at my old stories...

I think I need to do some kind of life stream, twitter or otherwise blogging (without spamming) about me re-reading my old stories. I laugh myself silly all the time. Either because my writing is so hilarious(ly bad) or because I'm still all for the ideas I had.

Like this one:
He was about to tell Mac his opinion when he remembered a good advice from one of his teachers, “If they don’t care about you, don’t care about them. If they hurt you, hurt them.”

Yes, that's good advice. Just what kind of teacher was that?! I don't think any teacher would tell a student to hurt someone back.

I think it's a good thing I can laugh about them. I mean, some of clumsy writing, some have clumsy plotting, some have both and - hopefully I never find the words orbs in my stories or fancy names for colours or anything I found on [ profile] fanficrants.

As if the file names aren't fun enough as it is at times. I've found one "Drunk Danny.doc".

I've also found some files with Author's Notes at the top, references to years and mailinglists. I have a feeling that even though they can be found in my wip section that they were actually published somewhere at some point. I think I remember now why I never bothered cleaning those files up... I think at one point during transferring them back and force between computers as I got a new one, as I put them on usb sticks to type on the go and what not, I screwed up my nice and tidy (ha! as if that was ever true) order of stories...

(And now I should stop typing, should stop reading and head to the bath that is waiting for me)
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2017-09-26 08:26 pm

When I amuse myself with organising my fics

I'm currently cleaning up my fiction folder. I tidied up my original folder (renaming files, combining files with just a few lines into idea files, combining the 4 or 5 idea files I had,...) and after moving all of the fandom folders into a wip to better separate them from the beta, published and other folder, I started working on my crossover folder.

about my folders and folder cleaning )

Anyway, right now I'm busy checking the files that only have fandoms attached and nothing about content. It reminds me why I so love re-reading my ideas and written stories - because I find plenty of gems.

The one that inspired this post (which wasn't supposed to contain the above rambling) is simply titled "mcu sh" and contains just the following:

"Tony Stark meets Sherlock Holmes – let the world end now."

For some reason it made me laught, because - I think Mycroft would be running.
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2017-09-18 09:52 pm

Holding onto inspiration

I just saved all the pictures of my pins from my "inspiration" board since I figured - I want to be inspired, what if they're goone/I'm offline?

Well, I had 455 pins. And I ended up with 450 files. 3 of the pins were moved to a different board ("other diy") and I encountered one pin that apparently didn't exist. At least pinterest couldn't find it. That leaves one pin I missed saving. Damn. I'm not going to check which one I forgot. Especially considering the many duplicates I found. Pinterest tells me if I try to pin an already pinned pin, but either it's a newer feature (newer in relation to that board) or if two people make a pin from the same website, they're considered different pins and it therefore doesn't realise that.

I just take it to mean that the image is super inspiring :)

It's also fascinating to see how the board changed. The early images (aka the last ones I saved) where people, nature and steam punk with a few buildings/rooms, in the middle I also had some with lamps of some kind or another and most of the newer ones are buildings (a lot of old/abandoned ones with a few modern, architectually "strange" ones) and a bit of nature.

It made me realise that I need more people on that board. Unless I'm mistaken, I started it because I found pins on pinterest that threatened to give me ideas for stories. At the very least, that's what it's for now (still). Giving me ideas for building locations, worlds, sceneries and characters.
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2017-09-17 10:24 pm

Should I revive an old fandom?

I didn't think it possible, but I think I might be reviving at least one of my CSI fandoms. Sporadically, I've been looking for crossovers with them (especially CSI/Criminal Minds) throughout the years that were never quite satisifed as the ones I had at one point started to read were still abandoned and there weren't many new ones.

It doesn't help that I quit all three CSI shows around the same time, back ca in 2005/2006. I quit a lot of shows in that time.

My hightime for crime dramas (and how it ended) )

Anyway, lately I've been craving some CSI: Miami. I've still got my DVDs, so one of these days I'll put it on. Naturally, I only thought of it today at 10:30pm. Not exactly a time to start watching a series. Okay, a movie would be an equally bad idea.

Instead of some good crime time, I've spent the weekend watching Youtube (the channels I follow) and Netflix (nature documentaries). I also did some cleaning, cooking and typing up. Oh - and I brought quite a bit of stuff from my balcony to the cellar.
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2017-09-17 03:29 pm

A little writing update

As much as I loath all the time I need to type up my handwritten stories? I sometimes find little gems amongst my writings. Okay, I do get that by reading them as well, but typing up gets rid of the paper :)

Today, while typing up a PoA AU that leads to Hermione and Harry pointing out how far behind muggle studies is (in regards to fashion, science, etc), I have the last line "Dumbledore likes 80s make up"

It somehow makes me think about Dumbledore walking around looking like David Bowie or KISS.

A bit more about typing up, fic organisation and decluttering... )

Maybe I need to do a kind of masterlist (I already have one for my published stories @ [community profile] love_sacrificed) where I list just how many individual stories I have per fandom (and maybe include their main plot categories).

But that's for when I'm done typing up. At this rate, I'll probably need the rest of the year. Hopefully I'm not producing more new stuff to type up than I manage to type up...
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2017-08-17 08:31 pm

(no subject)

I was just checking my twitter and saw someone (British) just tweet "Barcelona" with a broken heart next to it.

Out of curiousity I checked the news and I'm simply shocked.

Even more lives that ended short out of the blue. Even more people scarred for life.
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2017-08-15 07:59 am
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On spelling (and writing fics)

While opening word and skipping to my last place in my type up document, I had a random thought: Is there an extension to the Word dictionaries that contains all the HP terminology with their correct spellings in all variations?

I always hesitate to add them myself as I'm never certain if my spelling is write. And even if I add them, then the next time it's underlined red again (because it's plural/singular, a different tense and what not). Sure, I can check it online, but then I'm wondering if it should be with a capital letter or not.

As much as I tend to go for no caps at all, I'm taking more care when writing stories and that's when I start wondering and while in English it might be better to take a guess on lower case, there are some words/cases where I'm very tempted to use capital letters. It's probably more my experience with German slipping through than actual correct spelling in English.

Well, who cares about my typing up - what feels like 50% is bullet points or haf bullet point/half text anyway. Sometimes I think I need to publish one of those just for the laughs of my writing/plotting style. Although, I wouldn't call it plotting. I rarely know where I want to go - it all develops while writing. Okay, that's a lie. Whenever I start an independent!Harry story, I know where it's suppposed to end: Harry is free of Dumbledore's (or anyone else's) control and Voldemort is defeated. It's a very specific target, right?

I think in part it's because I don't really care how something ends. Well, I do, but I don't mind hearing about it before I reach that part. To me, the ending never was the important bit. The journey to that end was far more important, because as the saying goes: All roads lead to Rome. The question is: Which road are they taking? :)

Before I close this, a fun fact of the day:
I seemingly can't end a word on "in". I remember writing Star Wars stories and getting frustrated with always typing "Anaking" and I thought I was over it, that it was just Anakin I was going to mangle. Well, while typing up this past week I wrote "Slythering" multiple times.
Then again, it's not as if I didn't know where it comes from - it's all those verbs ending in "ing" and my fingers just know that the "g" follows the "in" even when it doesn't.
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2017-08-13 05:24 pm

10 years of being an Icon maker (and 17 being part of Fandom)

I have a shitload of icons. I have 11,164 images at my new image hosting site. 524 of those are award/participation banners. I created over 10,000 icons in 10 years. *jaw drops*

Unless I'm mistaken I posted my first set of six icons on August 26th, 2006. Original LJ Post Of course, as the post links to Photobucket non of the images are available, but still.

My last icon post on LJ is from March 24th, 2016. Here on DW it's actually December 26th, 2015 so I didn't actually stay up to date with the crossposting. Although, it appears that it's only that one post.

This is why I count 10 years. And even if it had been 11 - 10,000 icons is still a mindblowing amount.

While the overall quality improved in that time, I remember feeling too much like mass producing them while the first icons were more creative even if I lacked the skill to really make them better quality. I developed an eye for cropping, for colouring and even for text placement (to some extend), but I had some beautiful composition attempts in my early icons.

And while I loved photography before, I think it also influence how I took my photos. Mind you, I also took plenty of photos with the firm mind that I'd turn them into icons or icon textures and I very rarely did that. Especially on the texture front.

And okay, that also makes me feel old as it makes me remember how long I've been in fandom in total. I'm sure I wrote it down somewhere, but off of the top of my head: I'd say my first contact with fandom was late 1990s or 2000. I'm fairly certain I wrote my first English story in spring 2001 and I had some German tries (incl. finished ones) before that and I had been readong for a while before I first started writing. That's at least 17 years as part of fandom.

Man, now I feel old. I spent more than half of my life being a participant of fandom in one way or another - from reader to writer to icon/art maker. I even once tried my hand at making a fanvid (I gave it up after I realised how much work it was to create a half assed, badly cut, badly matched to the music fanvid. Still, it gave me a new appreciation for the fan creation that fanvids are!)

To think that it accompanied me from school to university to my first job to where I'm now. I'm also very grateful that I only ever heard of fandom wars, but never experienced them myself. I also think I only ever got one flame on my stories and the few critics I got on icons (outside of lims and rumbles) was constructive criticism. And in a way, I feel as if I saw fandom grow. I saw it grow from a few websites and some mailinglists to I don't know how many websites, to blogs, to entire communities. Sure, I've also seen fandom die somewhat with websites that disappeared, with authors that disappeared (and sometimes taking all of their stories with them) to fandoms just kind of dying as their tv shows come to an end, as movie series end or as movies are replaced with newer and shinier ones.

And this post was only supposed to be about the amount of icons. Instead it turned into trip down memory lane. And why not? Fandom has played a huge part in my life. It's been as much a comfort to me as music has been. I could sink my emotions into it and find something to resonate with it. Whether it was something to make me cry, to make me angry, to let my anger out (hello character bashing fics), to giving me confidence, to finding hope for the future.
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2017-07-28 06:45 pm


Am I just looking in the wrong places or aren't there any Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them icons?
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2017-07-24 08:23 pm

New Layout

As part of coming back to dreamwidth, I figured a new facelift for this journal (and [community profile] love_sacrificed) is in order. It's been over a year since I really looked at any of my journals. Be it here or at livejournal or at insanejournal.

Even longer since I did anything but moderate one of my contest communities or post a batch of icons. To be honest: towards the end I was stressing myself more with this than anything else. I took a step back as I undertook some major changes in my life (new job, new city) and it took longer than I expected. However, I think I needed that time away.

Read more... )

Anyway, I've also started on updating my icons and I think this won't be the end of it.
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2014-12-25 04:51 pm

Happy Christmas

I wish everyone a happy Christmas!

I hope it's merry, healthy, peaceful and filled with friends and family :)

a little picture )
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2014-04-08 10:56 am

LGBT question for a story

I know its been awhile since my last post and this isn't really an update. Time's been flying by so far this year. Somehow it just started, but it's already April. How did that happen?

Anyway, after seeing winter soldier I was inspired to write some stories (lets hope the slot doesn't abandon me before i'm done) and I've got a question.

When did gay sex become legal I'm the US? I found the date for the end of "don't ask don't tell", but got a bit confused about outside of the military. The dates I found were far more recent than I had thought and were interwoven with the same sex marriage topics.

My intention is to have Sam bring Steve uptodate on the issue and I don't want to get it wrong.

Now I should get back to work though...
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2014-03-28 06:57 am

I need a little help with voting...

This isn't exactly the update on me that I had planned since the beginning of the year... time sure flies by. Way faster than I ever experienced. I can't believe that March is nearly over already. Hopefully this coming weekend will be better even if my to do list keeps on growing which just makes me avoid it all - which is so very helpful with reducing it!

Anyway, the reason for this post: I could use some more votes over on [community profile] lotr20in20!

round 03: tie breaker (round 2)
round 05: themes voting
round 05: category voting
round 05: ac voting

And for anyone who feels like making LotR/The Hobbit icons:
round 06: sign ups
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2014-01-15 10:51 pm

Voting Help needed!

I could use some help with the round 2 tie breaker and round 3 voting for [community profile] lotr20in20! There aren't enough votes in any of the polls to close the voting. I'm hoping for at least 5 votes in each poll! So far there are only 2-3 for the round 3 voting and 4 in the round 2 tie breaker!

round 2: tie breaker
round 3: theme voting
round 3: category voting
round 3: ac voting

Even though there are only 5 days left you can still sign up for this round!
round 4: sign up
round 4: themes
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2013-12-31 02:01 pm

Happy New Year!

I wish everybody a happy new year!!

And of course, New Year's Eve isn't the same without Dinner for One