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Monday, 24 July 2017 20:23
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As part of coming back to dreamwidth, I figured a new facelift for this journal (and [community profile] love_sacrificed) is in order. It's been over a year since I really looked at any of my journals. Be it here or at livejournal or at insanejournal.

Even longer since I did anything but moderate one of my contest communities or post a batch of icons. To be honest: towards the end I was stressing myself more with this than anything else. I took a step back as I undertook some major changes in my life (new job, new city) and it took longer than I expected. However, I think I needed that time away.

It's not as if it was time away from fandom. Even in the past year, I read tons of fanfiction and I wrote quite a bit. On paper. I've got a huge box filled with paper of all sizes just waiting to be typed up. I think I need a secretary. Or at least a house elf (who can then go on to cleaning my place). At least I've presorted it by now.

There's a small pile of Criminal Minds, a small pile of Star Trek, a small pile of Marvel, a slightly bigger pile of Crossovers. There are a handful of note sized papers for various other fandoms. And then there's the (comparatively) huge pile of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them. Right. I know which fandom has me firmly in its grip. Aside from that I have various types of notebooks that are partially filled with more stories that I'm going to ignore until I have all the loose papers typed up. Whenever that is going to be.

I probably shouldn't mention the A4 folder I still have from my school/university days where I have really old stories that are waiting to be typed up. I remember doing that once... only to loose at least one document containing what used to be 6-10 pages (both sides, small writing) of handwritten notes. That was very motivational. Not.

I'm not sure if there's anything beyond beginnings though. Maybe a couple of one shots here and there that need to be fleshed out. Otherwise I'm just setting things up (at times the same thing over and over again in various forms) and when the real plot should start - bang. The muse stops. I've got the world, why would anyone do anything important in it? Why not leave things at status quo?

There are several stories featuring manipulative (but well meaning) to evil Dumbledores, Weasleys and so on. Harry finds out all about that heartbreaking truth and when it comes to acting on that information? It's a blank. I kind of don't see him running amok because of it. Although that might make a good crack fic. I'm not sure if I would write or post that though. The current climate kind of makes it unfunny.

Anyway, I've also started on updating my icons and I think this won't be the end of it.
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