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Wherein I ramble about the 50th Anniversary Special for Doctor Who!

So, during the last week one of my rl friends pointed out to me that the 50th Anniversary Special would be shown in the cinema. I remember reading about that, but for some reason it didn't really click that it meant "CHECK OUT IF IT'S SHOWN NEAR YOU!" ... luckily I still got tickets. What a price! 15€. Plus 1,50€ for buying it online - booking a reservation wasn't possible (although, mind you - that ended up saving a lot of time!) Ouch. As if I didn't spend enough since month with a weekend trip to Salzburg, shopping at IKEA and buying several shoes/boots at Zalando.

This doesn't include the 1€ fee for the 3D glasses nor the 9,49€ I paid for a small popcorn and 1l of Pepsi light. Not to mention that I had to stand in line twice because I forgot to get the glasses while I got the drink and popcorn. It was kind of strange standing in line already holding the drink and popcorn.

On the other hand... it was way worth it!!!

I'm really glad I bought myself a Doctor Who shirt either at the beginning of the year or the end of last year. "Keep Calm and Call the Doctor" :)
Although it's a bit cold for just a shirt, I figured the cinema would be warm enough ;)
A lot of people wore appropriate clothes as well. One girl had a read "timey wimey wibbly wobbly" shirt and I think I saw someone with my shirt (in a different colour) and several had the jacket and bowtie. One even had a cool 4th Doctor style scarf and hat! And a girl even had a woolen TARDIS hat. I so need to get one of those.

But on to the episode itself!

I'm not sure how much I can say, because every sentence I think of typing gets interrupted by squees in my head!

I guess I should start with the introduction of cinema etiquette :)
OMG! I absolutely loved it. Especially the bit about popcorn being able to feel the pain ;)

The 100th anniversary special gag was cool as well. Not to mention the interaction between all three Doctors. I loved the exasperation of the John Hurt!Doctor at 10 and 11. Absolutely brilliant. One question though - How's that going to work for counting??

Even more brilliant was Elizabeth I! Both versions ;) And I absolutely adored how the Doctor got roped into getting married to her. I really need to check if it was her that wanted to behead the Doctor in the Shakespeare episode (I'm so bad with history dates!! And too busy writing this to check). It would certainly explain a lot. He skipped out on the honeymoon! ;)

I loved how Clara kept showing up to save the day and the "Bad Wolf" interface. It's just a pity that the other Doctors couldn't really see her. I would have loved to have seen their faces:)

What I loved even more was that this gives the whole "Last of the Timelords" thing an entirely new spin. I'm not sure how "The End of Time" would fit in with that continuity - especially since Rassilion wasn't there. On the other hand, they did allude to the Doctor changing time. It's happened before after all, so they did create a precedence.

I really loved the Tower of London scene where the door to their cell was unlocked. Well, the entire scene itself was brilliant, but that was the absolute highlight!

Oh and how can I forget that awesome Fez? I loved how that appeared through the thing before 11 came through :)

And to keep jumping back and force - I loved all three reporting to the war room and the reaction "Oh God there are three of them!" Pretty much everybody was laughing at that. Not to mention - there ended up being 13 of them :D

Finally, the cameo of Tom Baker. Considering that there was someone dressed as the fourth Doctor this was beyond fitting! And it was a really awesome moment. And speaking of Classic Who... I loved the Classic Who intro and end. That was absolutely brilliant :)

Was there anything else I'm forgetting while being caught in my "Awesome, awesome, awesome..." mantra? Oh yes, all those Siluarian double ganger and the part where they fight about destroying London or not. Until the Doctors' make them forget and discuss it :)

I also adored that tech girl with the 4th Doctor style scarf. She was awesome. Especially that last scene in which they exchange the inhaler and they in all likelyhood realise who's who :)

The beginning was awesome as well. Clara working at the school at which everything started or the TARDIS being flown in with the Doctor and Clara inside :)

I think there are countless things I can still mention - that I should mention - but I've also got an icon post to code for [ profile] doctorwho20in20.

Now I really want to watch it all over again. And again. And again! :D :D


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