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I got caught up with rushing to finish my planned blackout for [ profile] love_bingo the better part of August (due date was last weekend) and found myself doing nothing but reading this last week since I just couldn't be bothered to make anything - wether it was a post, writing something (well, I did that at work!), making icons or replying to comments/posts. I hopefully will get around to doing that over the weekend.

For today I'm planning on going to the Open Day at the local VHS to get an overview of the courses they offer for the next six months and to possibly talk with some of the teachers. So far I've been doing my Italian course there since last year (I really need to work more on that!) and I've been considering of adding another language.

However, since I'm doing so little on the one course I'm already attending, I'm hesitant to add another - even if I've been considering to learn a Scandinavaian language since long before I did my first Italian course at university. Unlike the VHS here (which offers Swedish) my university had only offered Italian, Spanish, Russian and one other I can't remember. Back then I randomly picked one and after I had my degree I decided that I shouldn't let it go to waste and signed up for more (but nearly back at the beginning since I had pretty much forgotten everything in the six months between graduating and signing up for a new course)... decisions, decisions, decisions.

I might also be doing some more photography courses. I meant to do some this summer, but missed the Open Day day in February and after that never actually got around to even checking out which courses they offered on their website. I really liked the two I did last year - one general one about how to handle your camera (mine's somewhere between a normal one and a reflex camera - that is to say that it offers a lot of the same settings as a reflex camera, but I can't switch the lens) and just what the individual settings are for (or where they can be found) and the other was about taking pictures "under the Christmastree" - taking pictures in (dark) rooms without losing the athmosphere. Both courses also touched on how to make the pictures more interesting.

They also have some Photoshop courses and I'm tempted to go to one. The problem is that while I do think that I know most of the things covered by the basics course and therefore could go straight to the advanced one, I have a feeling that they cover some things that I don't know / am not that good at (e.g. the pen tool).

And really, I meant to make this a short post with one single question and a promise for a more detailed one later... I guess I can just keep on going!

But first my question. While I was on vacation with my parents, I had to watch various crime shows/films with my parents. They love them and I used to watch a lot several years ago, but my interest has vaned some - I don't mind watching them, but don't seek them out either.

One of the series we watched (because it tagged onto another one and none of use wanted to go to bed yet) was the British show "Silent Witness" which Amazon labels me under various different names (I guess German TV initially gave it a different name and when the lead character left they changed it to the original name) Not to mention that there are 16 seasons so far... Does anyone know the show and can offer me advice on which season to start with?

The episode(s) we watched was "Shadows" from Series 13. I really liked the characters, but they weren't part of the show since the beginning. At least not in this combination. If I go by the Wikipedia episode guide that would be Series 8.

I think a post about my birthday / vacation can wait until I'm back later today and worked on my to do list a little (there are several things I've just been avoiding! - even if they should be done pretty quick)

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Saturday, 7 September 2013 16:27 (UTC)
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You're studying Italian? Nice! :D If you ever need help, don't hesitate to ask or PM me! :)

I would love to do some photography courses! They sound like they could be really useful and I love photography to pieces. Also, I understand your doubts about the Photoshop course. I think what maybe you could do (which is also what I'm doing, although I don't plan on taking Photoshop courses) is just to get a nice book on Photoshop that covers all the basics, including the stuff you don't use much, and one that maybe goes into a little more depth just to make sure you've got it covered?

Anyway, good luck with all those courses! :)


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