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After resisting for quite a while, I finally caved and created a dreamwidth account. For years I've been active on both Livejournal and Insanejournal. While I prefer Insanejournal to the madness that Livejournal is (especially with the recent changes) it never quite seemed that active fandom wise. A real shame!

So, I'm going to give dreamwidth a chance to see if it can be as active as Livejournal and potentially replace it as my main fandom ground :)
No matter how much I love Insanejournal, it's just not the same if you try to mod communities/asylums there and only two people (including myself) actively participate. It sometimes makes me wonder if it's worth the trouble. Still, I'm not going to give up :D

I'm considering of bringing some of my communities/asylums here (being separate instead of mirrors though), but first I'd like to get into the swing of things! Not to mention that I want to be dead sure that I won't run into any trouble by not having the free time to take care of the duties that come with moderating a community :)

Like on Livejournal and Insanejournal, most of this journal will be friends only. All my fandom related creations (and possibly some discussions - I'll have to see how I split it here) will be posted to [community profile] love_sacrificed

I'll probably do a proper introduction post later on - along with a proper friends only post :D
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