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I've been meaning to write a little something for the past week or two. Time flies by too fast for me to keep track of it!

Any way, these last couple of weeks have revealed some problems with my car. Namely that it doesn't alert me when I forget to turn the light off. Supposedly, it's supposed to beep. I've tested it and it doesn't. This has resulted in me forgetting the light once and discovering a couple of days later that the battery was empty. Great. Even better, less than month later I managed the same feat again! Only this time it was because my trunk wasn't properly closed and the light I know have in there ate away at the battery. Considering that I bought the car brand new at Easter... boy am I lucky with forgetting these things! I was therefore instructed to drive my car a bit longer... which I took as an incentive to visit IKEA (approximatly 40 minutes one direction) :)

Coupled with my shopping at Zalando this month has been a bit more expensive than usually. Still, I was able to save quite a bit since I got quite a bit for my tax returns. Enough that I can buy a new laptop. If I can convince myself to buy one. The current one I have (which is also the longest lasting so far!) is still in good condition. It could use a bit more RAM (running Firefox, Thunderbird, Skype, Photoshop AND Winamp tends to be a bit much... especially if my anti-virus software starts scanning the computer) and runs Windows Vista. I've gotten quite attached to Windows 7 at work and I don't want Windows 8. I just don't like how it looks so far. Neither do I want the newest Windows version - there probably are plenty of bugs / security risks that still need to get fixed. This means that I should get a new laptop while they're still selling Windows 7. Even now it's already more expensive than Windows 8!

Well, at least I'm concluding that from comparing otherwise pretty identical laptops that as far as I remember only differed in the Windows version. With the laptop with Windows 8 being cheaper. This actually reminds me of how I ended up with Windows Vista. I wanted Windows XP and Windows Vista was simply cheaper and since I was a student at the time I went with the cheaper choice.

Either way, I'll have to keep on thinking about that.

And back onto the topic of my car. It appears to be rather jealous as well. When I went to put my sunglasses into the car again (I forgot them on my head the last time I used my car) I turned around to great a neighbour and when I turned back, I collided with the door. I'm lucky that I missed my eye. As it is, I've got a nice red spot in the middle between my left eye, eyebrow and nose. Mind you, I only noticed that after I walked into town to the post office and back when I looked at it in the mirror.

Going by my list I tried two of the shows. Bomb Girls and Orphan Black. In both cases I watched about 20 minutes of the pilot before turning them off. Since I did that back to back, I'm holding off any judgement and putting it down to simply not having the nerve to actually watch TV instead of the wether I like the shows or not. What I watched certainly was intriguing in both cases!

While making icons for a 20in20 I got reminded of liking the pilot of Being Human (UK). After watching it and hearing that it was picked up, I passed it up for one simple fact: I didn't like the recasting. I simply loved the cast for Annie and Mitchell and refused to give the new cast a chance. Well, rewatching the pilot reminded me of how much I liked that Mitchell. However, after ordering the first four seasons (in one box!) and watching the first season as well as the first episode of season 2 has taught me that I should have given them a chance! I might even go so far as to say that I like the "new" Annie better. Okay, that might be biased on the fact that her accent is less strong and therefore easier for me to understand. Although, I do remember liking the first version because of her accent.
In any case, I'm looking forward to watching more of it. Even if some of the spoilers I've read make me a bit worried.

Lastly, the one and only time I bought a tv magazine, I noticed that continuum would start. By now I've watched 3 episodes and while I sometimes switched channels to avoid watching some scenes oh how I hate those highly embarassing scenes!, I'm loving it so far. I also found out through collegues that Defiance is already airing here in Germany. However, since I pretty much missed the beginning, I didn't start watching it. I want to watch it from the beginning.

In other news, after a very hesitant start, summer has finally arrived with roughly 30°C (86°F) this past week(s) and it's zapping a lot of my energy. Especially when it comes to making icons. Most of the time I find myself reading fanfictions. Most of it is Harry Potter fanfiction which leaves me more or less satisfied. After reading fanfictions for years, I've come to have high expectations - especially when it comes to plot. I've gotten a taste for stories in which the characters read the books, but it's hard to find well written ones that aren't Harry/Ginny. I would prefer Gen (outside of those already dating) since that type of story just doesn't really lend itself to get people together. In most of them there's simply no plot/relationship developement since all they do is read (and comment on) the books.

It also got me into a fit about pairing declaration. Aside from the fact that I like Harry/Cho even less than Harry/Ginny, if there's a story set in year 5 that declares itself to follow canon pairings... is it so wrong of me to expect Harry/Cho because in book 5 that was the canon pairing? Sure, it's not the final canon pairing, but it's still canon.

Then again, I tend to stay away from most pairing discussions since 1) I'm a multi shipper and like most pairings and 2) I'm not about to tell people they should hate/dislike a pairing just because I do. I'm willing to listen to why someone likes a pairing or thinks it's quite obvious in canon and I'm willing to share my views on things. I don't mind discussing it and gaining a new perspective on things. It gives me plenty of ideas to work into my stories. However, I prefer to do so with people who respect my own likes/dislikes and views as my own without trying to convert me. Sadly, a lot of disccusions I've come across or heard about were filled with disrespect in that regard.

As it is, when it comes to the majority of the pairings I don't like, the dislike itself comes from fanon. It ranges from simply "overdosing" on a pairing that I just can't help but be bored by every damn reason for them to get together. Another pairing I dislike is by the absolute perfection of the pairing that just made it far too unrealistic for me. As much as I liked stories in which people are (soul)mates, destined to be together and so on, that doesn't make their relationship perfect and doesn't mean that they don't have to work for it. Another pairing suffered through character bashing. While I do love a good character bashing occassionally (and I prefer authors to be honest about it!) there's a limit. In this case there were 3 characters and two opposing pairings in fandom. I liked character C quite a lot, but in pretty much every damn story featuring A/B the character was bashed to hell and back. While some bashing is good, if my choice is between reading fics for a pairing that feature bashing or none at all instead of fics with bashing and those without, my choice will go for not reading the pairing at all.

And maybe I should compile all of this in a meta post.

Other than that, I'm on my vacation countdown! 2 1/2 weeks left until my vacation. Should I be unable to work on my icons for [ profile] love_bingo until then, I'm hoping that the first week of vacation will give me plenty of time. The second week I'll be in Bonn with my mother - shopping, sightseeing and the Beatles musicle. By chance we even got tickets for the opening night! I've also got to decide what to do (or not to do) for my birthday. My grandmother is good at making me invite my aunt and uncle as well as my cousin and her boyfriend. I know that their schedule tends to be rather full and they've grown tired of family birthdays. To be honest, outside of my grandmother most of my family have grown tired of it (unless it's a significant anniversary) because it's just another day filled up in an already busy schedule (especially in summer). I'm turning 29 this year (as the oldest of my generation) and my cousin turned 24 last December. I dare say that until there's a new generation this will stay that way. Not to mention that I live too far away from everyone to really celebrate at my place (which is too small anyway) and I'd have to celebrate at my parents' house. The main idea is to possibly simply go out for dinner and inviting my grandparents along. Just them aside from my parents and brother (+ girlfriend).

I think this will be my first 29th birthday of many ;)
(Does anybody know the secret to eternal youth/life? I'd like to see the future while remaining young. Although I can't imagine wanting to live for several millenia!)

Added: So, I wrote this two days ago at work... the heat combined with my period starting has given me the rest and I've done nothing more but making my dailyicons, reading and playing the DOS games Keen 4 or Colonization. I might write that meta post today at work though.


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