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Since I had this problem this morning again, I finally remembered to actually post about it. Does anybody have problems saving icons hosted on photobucket?

I tend to bookmark icon posts and save them all at once in an attempt to empty out that folder. Well, this morning I worked on a couple of those icon posts and suddenly while saving several DW icons from one post, I realised that only some of them saved as valid files. A couple of others were between 70 and 90 kB in size (way too large for icons) and wouldn't display like the others. This has happened before and the first time I checked by looking at it in my image viewer only to be told "invalid file". It might have been "invalid image", but the result is the same. Originally, it seemed to work by trying to save them again by simply repeating the procedure and then they'd have their original file size of less than 40kB. More recently, I need to get the image url and navigate to the original image on photobucket before I'm able to save it correctly. Quite a hassle! And even more annoying if I don't notice it immediately and already emptied my download history, meaning that I have to find the original icon post again and figure out which icon didn't save correctly.

I think the earliest such icons I found by searching my entire icon folder were from March or April when photobucket launched their new version (as beta? for real? I know that I had already switched at that point, but I did use the beta version for quite a while before it went live)

The truly strange thing is that it's not predictable when it's going to work and when it's not - as this morning proved perfectly once again. Within the same post, by the same maker, I can save some and not others. It worries me as I host all of my images/icons on photobucket. Is it still reliable? It doesn't help that I already noticed that most of my older icon posts aren't displaying the icons any more, which I assume is caused by the changed photobucket urls. Thanks so much for that! (Older than a year or two at least)

I'm considering of putting something similar to this post up at [community profile] love_sacrificed as well.

And since I'm talking about icons... I can't remember ever making this many icons in such a short amount of time. I mean last weekend I completed 3 different 20in20s, than there are the daily icons I make and the two icontests. Well, okay, I can probably remember it considering that I used to sign up for up to 4 or 5 20in20s a month, did plenty of icons just for fun and participated in dozen of icontests, lims and rumbles at one time. However, that was while I was still a student and had more available free time than I do now. Well, at least more time to schedule that free time for. Also, the time did get less the closer I had come to graduation as the amount of work for each class steadily rose.

Also, after making some Pushing Daisies icons, I somehow got caught up in the fact that Lee Pace didn't just play the main character Ned, but also Thranduil in the Hobbit. So much even that I really wanted to think about a crossover plot. I don't think I really wanted to write one, but just to toy with a plot idea. So I tried to think of one, knowing full well that forcing such plots tend to result in cracky ideas!

I'm not sure what kind of plots I first came up with, but eventually I landed at the fact that Elves do have certain abilities on occasion and what if Thranduil doesn't have one because his human counterpart in a different reality has it. I'm sure that could have worked quite well if I didn't suddenly latch onto one thing: Thranduil with the ability to bring back the dead for a minute! For some reason this really excited me :D

This has the potential to be very cracky! Although it probably won't beat my one-shot Doctor Who/Star Wars bunny that I had last year. I really need to check if I actually wrote that one or still need to write it. The image that plotbunny created was just too brilliant not to write it :)

The idea in question might have come to me either while watching Star Wars or thinking about a different plotbunny. At any rate, it starts in Palpatine's office as Anakin is caught between helping Palpatine and Mace Windu. It's a highly suspenseful moment with a lot of repercussions for the future. A really big turning point for the entire saga. So I figured, 'What if the Doctor landed the TARDIS right on top of Palpatine?" I can literally see the shocked faces of Mace Windu and Anakin! I can also see the Doctor cheerfully coming out of the TARDIS, seeing their faces - possibly even Anakin's rage-filled one considering he was just about to help Palpatine - realise that he was in huge trouble and turn on the spot to leave again :D

I probably should make a top 10 of the crackiest plotbunnies I ever had (written or unwritten)! I'm sure there are some brilliant gems amongst them.
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