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So, I figured I might list the TV shows I've been considering to try out and what I'm thinking about what I've read so far. Maybe some of you also know the shows and can tell me if it's along the lines of what I suspect and if any of my possible worries about the shows (i.e. things I don't like to watch playing a large part) or if you just want to discuss any of these. I don't mind spoilers at all! I also reference similar shows that I've previously watched and pulling them out as a reference for my expectations. The similar goes by my expectations from what little I've already known and not actual similarities (which might or might not be present)

Orphan Black
The concept itself sounds fascinating. Finding out that you have a twin and how you move on from there. Especially if said twin dies as you find out. I'm not sure if I remember it correctly right now, but I think there was something about possibly more "twins" out there and that a secret project is involved.

While the concept itself sounds intriguing, it also features themes that I'm easily split between hating and loving. Depending on which feature more heavily, it might be a show for me or not. It's difficult to put into words though what I like and don't since it might very well be the combination of things. I remember loving Earth Final Conflict and First Wave at the end of the 90s early 2000s (did they really air that long ago?) and those featured these themes quite a bit. The X-Files as well and while I loved that show I never actually watched it from beginning to end (it first aired here while I still had a bed time which was sadly before the show was aired on TV and by the time I started buying DVDs and the reruns came on I had lost interest - I did read quite a few of the books though). Then again, all those shows feature aliens to some degree.

One more show with an intriguing concept. Living together on a changed earth with aliens. I love the images I've seen and I do like to see how they could grow together. However, I'm not a fan of too many intrigues and this has the potential to be full of them. At least more than I'd like. The general concept reminds me of Earth 2, the only difference being that this takes place on a changed earth instead of a planet that's just similar and the time frame is a bit further ahead. I remember watching the early episodes of Earth 2 and possibly parts from later episodes (it's just been too long), but I did eventually drop Earth 2. Although I can't remember if that was caused by losing interest in the show or other reasons.

I watched the first season of this one. Well, I'm not entirely sure if I finished it, but I do have the first season on DVD. I liked the concept of it, but I think at one point it became too political for me. If I remember correctly that is. I've also read spoilers about things that I know I won't like. Still, I loved the characters and I loved the entire setting. Maybe I should re-watch season 1 and go from there. Maybe I should give the book the show is based on a chance. I've considered buying one, but haven't done so yet. On the other hand - I have so many unread books at home, I really shouldn't add to that pile.

I love the idea behind this one and I've liked what I've seen (although I'm not sure if I ever saw an entire episode). I do have the opportunity to watch it on TV - if I ever actually turned my TV on for anything other than "let's watch a DVD". The downside is that outside of Criminal Minds (which I'm watching infrequently enough as it is) I've stopped watching all the crime shows I used to watch. Out of those I used to watch the only one I'm even considering of picking up again is Numb3rs and that's got more to do with the awesome application of maths to the crimes. Well, I also kept on watching Cold Case, but I know that I watched most of the seasons for that one

And another crime show. Considering how little crime shows interest me, I sure have a lot on my potential watch list. In this case I've seen the beginning of the pilot and it sounds interesting as hell. However, it's a crime show and I'm just not that interested in seeing crimes solved. At least on TV. Maybe later on. At any rate, I think I've got a pretty good idea what this show is all about :D

If I remember correctly, it was yet another crime show. Only this time featuring time travel. This reminds me of another show I watched in the 90s. I'm not sure if it was called Time Cop or something similar. In it Darien Lambert(?) sent criminals from the future back to their own time. He also had help from a hologram. Well, I liked that back then and the concept still sounds interesting. That alone is worth it to give the show a chance.

The concept seems similar enough and I'm curious to see how they're going to tackle the future technology used for both solving crimes and committing them and how the people actually manage to blend in with the current time.

Red Widow
After all the crime shows featuring law enforcement, this is one from the view of a widow who tries to rule her late husbands crime emporium. The images I saw got me interested and I do love a strong woman. However, I've learned that images alone can't keep me interested. Still, I think they at least make it worth a first look :D

New Girl
This show has been going on for a while already and my interest had always been attracted by it. However, it's a comedy drama and comedy dramas and I don't mix for extended periods of time. Most shows of this nature (Two and Half Men, Roseanne, Simpsons, Futurama, Married With a Family,...) mean that I can only watch them for 15-30 minutes at most at a time. On the other hand, I do love The Big Bang Theory and have no problem watching several episodes in one go - provided I'm in the mood for it. Maybe this show will meet the same fate as the Big Bang Theory and hit it off with me :)

The IT Crowd
I've watched the pilot for this years(?) ago and fell in love. However, the second episode hit several buttons I just can't stand to watch. If something embarrassing happens I'm easily embarrassed for the character and just want to hide. If it's on TV? I either hide by going to the toilet or I just turn it off. Nonetheless, I really loved the pilot and the humour it had. One day I'll finally watch it in full.

Vampire Diaries
I've always been intrigued by vampires. I had given True Blood a go, but didn't really get into it and I first heard about the show when my opinion about Twilight went from guilty pleasure to really creepy. It ended with me not even giving it a go. However, whenever I heard about it or saw pictures I was intrigued. I think I might give this one a chance this summer. Not to mention that this show is the most likely one to be given a chance. This has one single reason: my brother's girlfriend has the show on DVD. It's rather easy to get my hands on the episodes that way.

How to live with your parents for the rest of your life
I only once saw a mention to this show on my usual place to get the Doctor Who/Sherlock episodes and the title is just awesome. It screams at me to be watched because I'm not planning to ever move back in with my parents full time. However, you don't always get what you plan. This is what happens then.

The Americans
It's not something I typically watch, but it sounds interesting enough.

A modern take on Robin Hood. This has the chance to be interesting. Someone on my f-list has been talking about it and it sounds interesting, even if the show already got cancelled (unless I'm mixing shows up here!)

Bomb Girls
I love seeing how people live in other time periods. I love the dress ups. It's one thing that drew me into Cold Cases. However, I'm not a fan of love stories as a main theme which means that I haven't actually watched that many period dramas. This one doesn't sound as if there's a love story in the main plot, but rather how the woman lived during the second world war with most men out of the country. That alone makes it worth a try :)

A tv show taking place in the not so distant future in a post-apocalyptical dystopian world. Like with several shows on the list I can tell you that the general onset reminds me of another show I used to love - Dark Angel. The onset itself sounds rather interesting - how did the people adjust to living in such a world. Depending on the characters this has a chance to become a show that I like.

This one goes hand in hand with Bomb Girls. A series taking place in a past time that focuses on something other than romance as a main theme.

In other news, I'm rewatching Pushing Daisies. Well, the second season at any rate. I really felt like watching it again and decided to claim it for [ profile] season20in20 and since I went with Season 2, I decided to watch that first. From the episode summaries I've seen the episode I don't really wanna see (with the food inspectors coming) isn't in this season so it must have been in the first.

Also, compiling this list and comparing it to all those TV shows? I now feel old and really miss those TV shows from the 90s I can remember rather fondly! My favourites off of the top of my hat (or at least those I tried to watch more or less regularly):
• Buffy (early seasons)
• Highlander
• JAG (early seasons)
• Millenium
• Poltergeist: The Legacy
• Pretender
• Profiler
• Time Cop?
• Time Trax?
• Seven Days
• X-Files (up to the first movie)

And those are just the shows I watched as I moved beyond my childhood TV shows. I was pretty addicted to watching TV back then. Well, by now my addiction is the computer :D
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