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A couple of weeks ago I watched the last three episodes of season 7. I watched Crimson Horror roughly a week before I watched the last two back to back. At any rate, I haven't commented on those three episodes yet (and after writing the last post I realised how much I enjoyed doing that!) and now that I finished the season I can do all three episodes in one go :D
The post has been sitting on my usb stick for about a week maybe and I haven't managed to get it posted yet. Then again, I always remember while I'm at work and not supposed to go online for non-work related things. I already was sneaky enough to write it at work while I had some time to spare while my computer was busy. Hopefully I did get any spots where I was unsure about a name or something and didn't miss anything when I was finally able to check for correct spelling of names. Not to mention that while I could remember Artie's name, I just couldn't remember Angie's name while I first wrote this.

Anyway, this post does contain spoilers about those three episodes :D And once more in big and bold letters:


First of all - even though it seemed to be the most logical conclusion to me, I can't believe that I actually predicted that Clara was the original version and the ones from Asylum of the Daleks and the Snowmen were copies somehow (although echoes sounds a whole lot better!). Granted, I wouldn't have ever guessed how that happened, but I did get it right who the "base" version is :D

But on to the episodes!

I loved Crimson Horror. I especially loved the way Jenny, Madam Vastra and Strax were able to shine. I loved that the Doctor loved the name Crimson Horror (which is brilliant!) and how everyone fainted whenever Madam Vastra lifted her veil.

It was funny how the Doctor introduced Clara to everyone while trying to keep from Clara that they all had met another version of her. Not to mention the confusion of everyone about meeting a different Clara. That being said - I'm not sure I liked what they've done with Clara's hair. I mean, it's probably time appropriate and very fashionable for that time, but it just wasn't my style. It's a good thing I'm not living in that time era then ;D

I loved Ada and how she found new confidence in the face of learning some harsh truth about her mother and what she'd done. I wouldn't mind hearing from her again - whether it's a throw away line about her progress or her reappearance. After all, while she now has the confidence to move on she'll have to face a lot of hurdles.

Also, I loved how Clara arrived home and Artie and Angie arrived more or less blackmailed Clara into taking them with her on a trip! Something that leads nicely into the next episode as well.

Nightmare in Silver is already awesome for the way the title fits so well to Crimson Horror. It's funny how we go from Horror to Nightmare and from Crimson to Silver :D I wonder if that was by chance or deliberately :)

I really want to go to that giant amusement park! Well, before it was over run by Cybermen that is. It certainly looked awesome. Aside from those "funny" insects that Doctor kept on looking for. I loved the Doctor's obsessions with them, but I'm not fond of insects. Unless they're butterflies. Aside from that, it was pretty obvious that they were once again an extension of the cybermen.

Clara as a leader was great and I really loved that team. Sure they were a punishment platoon and quite obviously not as skilled as a professionally trained military unit could be, but they were cool. They showed that if you believed in yourself you could be brilliant and Clara gave them that believe because she believed in them. Matt Smith as the Doctor was also brilliant. I loved the way he split between the real one and the Cyber Planner version. It also was funny how he listed both gold and cleaning fluid as weapons against Cybermen and the focus instantly went to cleaning fluids. I mean, who cares that he's got the golden ticket? ;D

I also liked how Porridge turned out to be the prince and only Angie figured it out. He was great and I felt for him when Clara declined his marriage proposal. Then again, that entire scene was beyond funny - the way everyone was trying to influence her decision while she was trying to figure out how to let him down gently.

As for the final episode... I loved the way they incorporated the previous Doctors. I loved the giant TARDIS. I also loved how a time traveller should never go to the place of their grave. It sounds like a reasonable thing as you don't want to know when or how you die. And it was typical for the Doctor to ignore it in order to save his friends. However, while he eventually suffered from the paradox, nothing happened to Rory and Amy when they had been close to their graves in Angels of Manhattan. Why didn't anything happen back then? Then again, maybe it's simply a case of how long someone travels through time. The Doctor certainly has hundreds of years on Amy and Rory.

But to the beginning of the episode. I loved the conference call and how Clara was invited to it. I loved how Madam Vastra figured out that she wouldn't use the candle and incorporated the powder into the letter. Naturally, River was the one to complete the group. I also loved how River and Clara didn't know anything about each other. That kind of reminds of Rose and Sarah Jane. It makes me wonder why the Doctor is afraid to talk about other women with his female companions. Is he scared they'll fight with each other or that they'll get jealous? Or is he afraid that they'll team up against him? Somehow, I'm more inclined to believe the second one :D
Then again, I loved it when Rose and Sarah Jane went from being unsure how to handle the other to laughing about the quirks of the Doctor.

I loved how the enemy from the Snowmen returned to wage his vengeance against the Doctor by entering his timeline and wreaking havoc. I also love how Clara figured out how to save him and that she's already done so. After all, the Doctor and the others had given her plenty of hints that the Doctor has met her before. I also kind of knew that she must have remembered something from the Journey to the Center of the TARDIS. After all, they foreshadowed this with the two brothers apparently remembering something about what happened. At least that's my believe from that last scene.

I'll have to rewatch it to figure out if River actually said his name audible to the viewer or not. I was kind of distracted. Somehow, I doubt it though. Once again they appear to have gotten around actually revealing the Doctor's name again.

Finally, the display of the Doctor's path from Gallifrey to Transelor as a reflection of the "destruction" he plagued on the time-space-continuum with his travels and that it was an open wound was very intriguing. I liked that they treated time travel as something that wasn't without consequences to the universe around us.

There's only one thing I didn't like - having to wait until November 23rd for the next Doctor Who fix. Well, with a new New Who episode/Special that is. I still have plenty of Classic Who to watch that I haven't seen yet. Still, I thought I'd check if I'd at least have some new Sherlock to watch only to find out that it was scheduled for fall 2013 (which actually triggered a bell that I might have read that before) and that it might even be December or 2014 before the new episodes air. Although I only did a quick check at work *whistles innocently* and didn't check which news is more recent. Either way, it'll be quite a while.

On the other hand - that'll give me time to finally watch Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows. Not to mention that I want to see both Star Trek and Iron Man 3 in the cinema. Although I'm debating about watching them. I'd be going alone and I'd much rather see them in English than in German. Watching them in English would mean either getting my hands on a version online or waiting for the DVDs to be released.
I've also created a list of tv shows that sound interesting. I just don't know whether I'll have time to actually check them out.


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