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I finally took some time to watch Doctor Who yesterday on Sunday (it only took me all week to post what I wrote on Monday at work)... I started on the Rings of Akhaten before, but only managed to watch a bit over 10 minutes before I stop, convinced that I knew where this episode was heading. A couple of weeks later I tried again and was pleasantly surprised that I had actually been wrong with my conclusion!

I originally had believed that Clara would help Merry to hide as she believes Merry will be sacrificed only for it to be revealed that no, she's not and it's only a really bad misunderstanding. As I've seen in various sci-fi/fantasy shows.

I loved how that was spoiled when Merry herself told us that she's just scared of singing in front of a huge audience! (If only I had a watched a couple of minutes longer the last time). And naturally, it is later on revealed that Merry is supposed to be a sacrifice without being any wiser! So in the end, the plot was completely the opposite of what I had believed it to be :)

I really liked Merry and the way she was portrayed. I loved how Clara treated her and tried to find out what was wrong instead of just assuming. It was also funny how she was so sure the TARDIS was a safe place only to realise that she was locked out!

Clara is quite obviously presented as a mystery and I loved how the Doctor travelled to moments in her life, trying to figure out what's up with her :)
For all that it looks like coincidence right now and that she's as average as a human can be (in the grand scale of things - no special biology, no temporal phenomenon, etc), I'm really amused by her being as ordinary as any other companion while the Doctor suspects more. I'm half wondering if Clara is the original and her version in the past and the future were specifically created so the Doctor would find her. The Clara from the Snowmen had echoes of one or both future versions, while there could be a connection between Oswin's ability to hack into the Dalek network with such a devastation as to make them forget the Doctor and her receiving incredible skills with computers in The Bells of St. John.

Finally, I loved the setting of the episode (and the Doctor's line of having been there before with his granddaughter) with all the shopping booths and different aliens.

As for the next episode - Cold War - I wasn't that impressed. There were some great moments, but overall I wasn't that attached to it. I certainly didn't dislike it, but I was left a bit wanton. Thinking back, I could probably say that I liked the second half of the episode. Probably from the moment that Clara and that scientist talked about music before the ice warrior arrived and they more or less tried to negotiate.

The line that made me laugh the most? The TARDIS having popped up at the pole. The south pole. I wonder if they did get that lift :D

The episode Hide was amazing. While I don't believe in mediums who can see ghosts and technology discovering ghosts, I always found myself intrigued by it and the possibilities it opens up to stories. I also liked that it was fashioned as a psychic link between relatives and I think there was some mention that Jack does possess some minor ability. This makes it believable that over the millenniums humanity does develop something there. This makes it believable for some to have it now (being the first to develop that ability - it takes time for these things to develop after all).

I also loved that we found out something about how humanity discovered the ability to travel through time. I mean, we know that Jack has a small (if crude in the eyes of the Doctor) device to let him travel through time. Those things have to be developed at some point in time after all.

And all those love stories in one story. Despite the expectations about a more or less sad story (a ghost and all), it turned out to be one happy episode after all with plenty of happy ends :D

Finally, let's get to The Journey to the Center of the TARDIS. I think it might be my new favourite episode of this season. I love the TARDIS and to see all those rooms (I really, really want that library!!!) and hallways was amazing. I probably have to re-watch the episode because I was damn sure I heard at some point that those figures were the sentries of the TARDIS, but it turned out they were future versions of them.

I also liked the end of the episode with the "Big Friendly Button" and the reference of having lived two days in one. I think Clara might remember something purely by the way those two brothers acted in the end - something had changed between them and I think that at the very least a reflection of those memories staid with them. Maybe not the details, but the emotions about finding to each other as brothers again.

Finally, I really loved Clara in that red dress! It was so cute and I want to be called Nina now ;D

I was just about to say that Clara might be my new favourite companion only to think about Amy. That made me decide that maybe I should look at all the female companions, because I find that I couldn't really name a favourite companion!

I started watching Doctor Who when the first couple of episodes of the first season where shown here (with a really crap timing of Saturday afternoon between comedy drama's that didn't really fit to what I would describe as Doctor Who). So, my first Doctor was the 9th together with Rose. I loved her. The way she changed the Doctor and herself through the adventures they had. I loved their interactions and was Rose/Doctor shipper (alongside the Jack/Doctor, Jack/Rose and Jack/Rose/Doctor). Although that did diminish with time I still love the pairing. I'm just too much of a multi-shipper at heart :D

Then came Martha. I have to admit that I was a bit indifferent to her in the beginning, even though she's probably a bit closer to what I went through (university, having a degree, a whole family). I don't know what it is, but I didn't connect as well and thinking back on those episodes it's as if something is missing. I might just have to re-watch that season and see if it's the same still. Ever since, I've come to like her! From her parts in season 4 and Torchwood I've grown to love her. Maybe my indifference was actually more related to the episodes than her. Outside of the final three episodes with Jack and the first one, I can't really remember that many episodes.

After that came Donna. I have to admit that I watched The Runaway Bride sometime during season 4 or after I watched that season. I've heard that she wasn't that well liked in the Christmas Special, but was well loved in the season (I might be wrong about the general fandom, that's just the impression I had from reading a few(!) responses). She was simply amazing and I wish she could have stayed on. However, in a sense, her story was told with the end of that season. What kind of stories could they have told with a super intelligent!Donna and the genius!Doctor? How could they have possibly gotten into any kind of adventure without solving it within 5 minutes?

As for Amy - I loved her from that first bit. I can really connect to her personality. And I love her relationship with both Rory and the Doctor. I love how they treated her varying feelings for the Doctor. For the longest time he was a distant person whom she fell in love with. As she grew, so did her feelings for him and even though her heart had chosen Rory, her mind was still trying to put what she felt for the Doctor in perspective - brother, lover, father? There's some catching up to do.

I think by now we can also count River as a companion. I dislike that she's married to the Doctor, because in a sense it leaves that "forever" in the air. I'm a multi-shipper at heart and prefer them free for all :D
However, I do like River. She's exactly the challenge and counterpart that the Doctor needs without her being evil. She gets to him and keeps him on his toes. It's fun to watch their banter as the Doctor slowly figures out who River Song is to him (up to and beyond finding out exactly who she is in Season 6). At the same time, her situation is beyond sad - meeting the important people in her life (her parents & the Doctor) in the wrong order and effectively dying not with a Doctor that knows and loves her, but one who met her for the very first time. Who most certainly doesn't love her and actually has to be persuaded to trust her.

And now we have Clara. This one was a complete hit! I loved her to bits in Asylums of the Daleks and was mighty confused about her death (I had read that she would be the new companion)... as a matter of fact, by the time the Angel of Manhattan arrived, I was convinced that all those things I had read might have been a ruse, making the end of that episode much more surprising! In The Snowmen she rocked once again and I have to say that I loved how they worked around her dying. There are still some questions open about this, but right now they're showing an intriguing and plausible (at least in the DW & sci-fi/fantasy sense) direction of what is going on.

Maybe Clara is my favourite currently, because she still has a story to be told. The stories of Rose, Donna and Amy had been ended. Well, in the sense of their travels with the Doctor. Martha's has been given a new direction (although I'm not too fond of that moment in End of Time - it just didn't fit what we've seen of her so far... unless I'm missing some other interludes), but she's also made a life outside of the Doctor.

One thing is for sure - I'll never understand why any of them have to be bashed in favour of one of the others. I like them all and all of them did influence in the Doctor in a way. They were all needed.

Granted, there are various side characters who joined him on an adventure for an episode or two (or a special), but I tried focusing on those that staid a bit longer and if I did them I'd have to do Sarah Jane as well. I really do love her and probably should look into giving the Sarah Jane Adventures another go. I really liked the episodes of the first season I had watched, but never had time to go beyond that... and there's so much more to say about her now that I'm watching her episodes with the fourth Doctor :)
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