Thursday, 30 May 2013

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A couple of weeks ago I watched the last three episodes of season 7. I watched Crimson Horror roughly a week before I watched the last two back to back. At any rate, I haven't commented on those three episodes yet (and after writing the last post I realised how much I enjoyed doing that!) and now that I finished the season I can do all three episodes in one go :D
The post has been sitting on my usb stick for about a week maybe and I haven't managed to get it posted yet. Then again, I always remember while I'm at work and not supposed to go online for non-work related things. I already was sneaky enough to write it at work while I had some time to spare while my computer was busy. Hopefully I did get any spots where I was unsure about a name or something and didn't miss anything when I was finally able to check for correct spelling of names. Not to mention that while I could remember Artie's name, I just couldn't remember Angie's name while I first wrote this.

Anyway, this post does contain spoilers about those three episodes :D And once more in big and bold letters:



There's only one thing I didn't like - having to wait until November 23rd for the next Doctor Who fix. Well, with a new New Who episode/Special that is. I still have plenty of Classic Who to watch that I haven't seen yet. Still, I thought I'd check if I'd at least have some new Sherlock to watch only to find out that it was scheduled for fall 2013 (which actually triggered a bell that I might have read that before) and that it might even be December or 2014 before the new episodes air. Although I only did a quick check at work *whistles innocently* and didn't check which news is more recent. Either way, it'll be quite a while.

On the other hand - that'll give me time to finally watch Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows. Not to mention that I want to see both Star Trek and Iron Man 3 in the cinema. Although I'm debating about watching them. I'd be going alone and I'd much rather see them in English than in German. Watching them in English would mean either getting my hands on a version online or waiting for the DVDs to be released.
I've also created a list of tv shows that sound interesting. I just don't know whether I'll have time to actually check them out.
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So, I figured I might list the TV shows I've been considering to try out and what I'm thinking about what I've read so far. Maybe some of you also know the shows and can tell me if it's along the lines of what I suspect and if any of my possible worries about the shows (i.e. things I don't like to watch playing a large part) or if you just want to discuss any of these. I don't mind spoilers at all! I also reference similar shows that I've previously watched and pulling them out as a reference for my expectations. The similar goes by my expectations from what little I've already known and not actual similarities (which might or might not be present)

List of random TV shows I wouldn't giving a go )

In other news, I'm rewatching Pushing Daisies. Well, the second season at any rate. I really felt like watching it again and decided to claim it for [ profile] season20in20 and since I went with Season 2, I decided to watch that first. From the episode summaries I've seen the episode I don't really wanna see (with the food inspectors coming) isn't in this season so it must have been in the first.

List of 90s TV Shows )

And those are just the shows I watched as I moved beyond my childhood TV shows. I was pretty addicted to watching TV back then. Well, by now my addiction is the computer :D