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This journal is friends only. It contains mostly posts about my personal life and to a minor degree some commentary on tv shows, movies, books, etc that I like.

Feel free to friend me, chances are that I might or might not friend you back depending on how much we have in common. Leaving a comment in this post, will increase the chances of that happening :)

As for my fandoms - there tend to be a few main fandoms that I don't ever seem to leave completely (Doctor Who, Sherlock and Harry Potter) and then there are a lot of other fandoms that I return to every now and then. This can be for a relatively short amount of time (a couple of weeks to a month) or for a bit longer (several months up to over a year).
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I wish everyone a happy Christmas!

I hope it's merry, healthy, peaceful and filled with friends and family :)

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I know its been awhile since my last post and this isn't really an update. Time's been flying by so far this year. Somehow it just started, but it's already April. How did that happen?

Anyway, after seeing winter soldier I was inspired to write some stories (lets hope the slot doesn't abandon me before i'm done) and I've got a question.

When did gay sex become legal I'm the US? I found the date for the end of "don't ask don't tell", but got a bit confused about outside of the military. The dates I found were far more recent than I had thought and were interwoven with the same sex marriage topics.

My intention is to have Sam bring Steve uptodate on the issue and I don't want to get it wrong.

Now I should get back to work though...
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This isn't exactly the update on me that I had planned since the beginning of the year... time sure flies by. Way faster than I ever experienced. I can't believe that March is nearly over already. Hopefully this coming weekend will be better even if my to do list keeps on growing which just makes me avoid it all - which is so very helpful with reducing it!

Anyway, the reason for this post: I could use some more votes over on [community profile] lotr20in20!

round 03: tie breaker (round 2)
round 05: themes voting
round 05: category voting
round 05: ac voting

And for anyone who feels like making LotR/The Hobbit icons:
round 06: sign ups
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I could use some help with the round 2 tie breaker and round 3 voting for [community profile] lotr20in20! There aren't enough votes in any of the polls to close the voting. I'm hoping for at least 5 votes in each poll! So far there are only 2-3 for the round 3 voting and 4 in the round 2 tie breaker!

round 2: tie breaker
round 3: theme voting
round 3: category voting
round 3: ac voting

Even though there are only 5 days left you can still sign up for this round!
round 4: sign up
round 4: themes
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I wish everybody a happy new year!!

And of course, New Year's Eve isn't the same without Dinner for One
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I wish everyone that celebrates it a Happy Christmas!
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[community profile] lotr20in20 could use a few more votes for the round 2 tie breaker!

Additionally, if you want you cann still sign up! Finished sets of 20 icons can submitted until December 25th!

Sign Up
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Wherein I ramble about the 50th Anniversary Special for Doctor Who!

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I think there are countless things I can still mention - that I should mention - but I've also got an icon post to code for [ profile] doctorwho20in20.

Now I really want to watch it all over again. And again. And again! :D :D
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I could use a couple of more votes for the tie breaker before I can post the results for round 01 of [community profile] lotr20in20! If anybody could vote I'd be really grateful! :)

Tie Breaker

(And if anyone wants to join round 02 - while the prompts are posted and only 14 days left, the sign ups are still open!)
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Since I'm not busy enough with procrastinating, I created [community profile] lotr20in20 :)

Sign ups for the first round (prompts to be posted on October 1st) are open and can be found here
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I got caught up with rushing to finish my planned blackout for [ profile] love_bingo the better part of August (due date was last weekend) and found myself doing nothing but reading this last week since I just couldn't be bothered to make anything - wether it was a post, writing something (well, I did that at work!), making icons or replying to comments/posts. I hopefully will get around to doing that over the weekend.

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And really, I meant to make this a short post with one single question and a promise for a more detailed one later... I guess I can just keep on going!

But first my question. While I was on vacation with my parents, I had to watch various crime shows/films with my parents. They love them and I used to watch a lot several years ago, but my interest has vaned some - I don't mind watching them, but don't seek them out either.

One of the series we watched (because it tagged onto another one and none of use wanted to go to bed yet) was the British show "Silent Witness" which Amazon labels me under various different names (I guess German TV initially gave it a different name and when the lead character left they changed it to the original name) Not to mention that there are 16 seasons so far... Does anyone know the show and can offer me advice on which season to start with?

The episode(s) we watched was "Shadows" from Series 13. I really liked the characters, but they weren't part of the show since the beginning. At least not in this combination. If I go by the Wikipedia episode guide that would be Series 8.

I think a post about my birthday / vacation can wait until I'm back later today and worked on my to do list a little (there are several things I've just been avoiding! - even if they should be done pretty quick)
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I've been meaning to write a little something for the past week or two. Time flies by too fast for me to keep track of it!

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In other news, after a very hesitant start, summer has finally arrived with roughly 30°C (86°F) this past week(s) and it's zapping a lot of my energy. Especially when it comes to making icons. Most of the time I find myself reading fanfictions. Most of it is Harry Potter fanfiction which leaves me more or less satisfied. After reading fanfictions for years, I've come to have high expectations - especially when it comes to plot. I've gotten a taste for stories in which the characters read the books, but it's hard to find well written ones that aren't Harry/Ginny. I would prefer Gen (outside of those already dating) since that type of story just doesn't really lend itself to get people together. In most of them there's simply no plot/relationship developement since all they do is read (and comment on) the books.

on character bashing and shipping )

Other than that, I'm on my vacation countdown! 2 1/2 weeks left until my vacation. Should I be unable to work on my icons for [ profile] love_bingo until then, I'm hoping that the first week of vacation will give me plenty of time. The second week I'll be in Bonn with my mother - shopping, sightseeing and the Beatles musicle. By chance we even got tickets for the opening night! I've also got to decide what to do (or not to do) for my birthday. My grandmother is good at making me invite my aunt and uncle as well as my cousin and her boyfriend. I know that their schedule tends to be rather full and they've grown tired of family birthdays. To be honest, outside of my grandmother most of my family have grown tired of it (unless it's a significant anniversary) because it's just another day filled up in an already busy schedule (especially in summer). I'm turning 29 this year (as the oldest of my generation) and my cousin turned 24 last December. I dare say that until there's a new generation this will stay that way. Not to mention that I live too far away from everyone to really celebrate at my place (which is too small anyway) and I'd have to celebrate at my parents' house. The main idea is to possibly simply go out for dinner and inviting my grandparents along. Just them aside from my parents and brother (+ girlfriend).

I think this will be my first 29th birthday of many ;)
(Does anybody know the secret to eternal youth/life? I'd like to see the future while remaining young. Although I can't imagine wanting to live for several millenia!)

Added: So, I wrote this two days ago at work... the heat combined with my period starting has given me the rest and I've done nothing more but making my dailyicons, reading and playing the DOS games Keen 4 or Colonization. I might write that meta post today at work though.
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Since I had this problem this morning again, I finally remembered to actually post about it. Does anybody have problems saving icons hosted on photobucket?

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So, I figured I might list the TV shows I've been considering to try out and what I'm thinking about what I've read so far. Maybe some of you also know the shows and can tell me if it's along the lines of what I suspect and if any of my possible worries about the shows (i.e. things I don't like to watch playing a large part) or if you just want to discuss any of these. I don't mind spoilers at all! I also reference similar shows that I've previously watched and pulling them out as a reference for my expectations. The similar goes by my expectations from what little I've already known and not actual similarities (which might or might not be present)

List of random TV shows I wouldn't giving a go )

In other news, I'm rewatching Pushing Daisies. Well, the second season at any rate. I really felt like watching it again and decided to claim it for [ profile] season20in20 and since I went with Season 2, I decided to watch that first. From the episode summaries I've seen the episode I don't really wanna see (with the food inspectors coming) isn't in this season so it must have been in the first.

List of 90s TV Shows )

And those are just the shows I watched as I moved beyond my childhood TV shows. I was pretty addicted to watching TV back then. Well, by now my addiction is the computer :D
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A couple of weeks ago I watched the last three episodes of season 7. I watched Crimson Horror roughly a week before I watched the last two back to back. At any rate, I haven't commented on those three episodes yet (and after writing the last post I realised how much I enjoyed doing that!) and now that I finished the season I can do all three episodes in one go :D
The post has been sitting on my usb stick for about a week maybe and I haven't managed to get it posted yet. Then again, I always remember while I'm at work and not supposed to go online for non-work related things. I already was sneaky enough to write it at work while I had some time to spare while my computer was busy. Hopefully I did get any spots where I was unsure about a name or something and didn't miss anything when I was finally able to check for correct spelling of names. Not to mention that while I could remember Artie's name, I just couldn't remember Angie's name while I first wrote this.

Anyway, this post does contain spoilers about those three episodes :D And once more in big and bold letters:



There's only one thing I didn't like - having to wait until November 23rd for the next Doctor Who fix. Well, with a new New Who episode/Special that is. I still have plenty of Classic Who to watch that I haven't seen yet. Still, I thought I'd check if I'd at least have some new Sherlock to watch only to find out that it was scheduled for fall 2013 (which actually triggered a bell that I might have read that before) and that it might even be December or 2014 before the new episodes air. Although I only did a quick check at work *whistles innocently* and didn't check which news is more recent. Either way, it'll be quite a while.

On the other hand - that'll give me time to finally watch Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows. Not to mention that I want to see both Star Trek and Iron Man 3 in the cinema. Although I'm debating about watching them. I'd be going alone and I'd much rather see them in English than in German. Watching them in English would mean either getting my hands on a version online or waiting for the DVDs to be released.
I've also created a list of tv shows that sound interesting. I just don't know whether I'll have time to actually check them out.
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I finally took some time to watch Doctor Who yesterday on Sunday (it only took me all week to post what I wrote on Monday at work)... I started on the Rings of Akhaten before, but only managed to watch a bit over 10 minutes before I stop, convinced that I knew where this episode was heading. A couple of weeks later I tried again and was pleasantly surprised that I had actually been wrong with my conclusion!

about the recent DW episodes )

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After resisting for quite a while, I finally caved and created a dreamwidth account. For years I've been active on both Livejournal and Insanejournal. While I prefer Insanejournal to the madness that Livejournal is (especially with the recent changes) it never quite seemed that active fandom wise. A real shame!

So, I'm going to give dreamwidth a chance to see if it can be as active as Livejournal and potentially replace it as my main fandom ground :)
No matter how much I love Insanejournal, it's just not the same if you try to mod communities/asylums there and only two people (including myself) actively participate. It sometimes makes me wonder if it's worth the trouble. Still, I'm not going to give up :D

I'm considering of bringing some of my communities/asylums here (being separate instead of mirrors though), but first I'd like to get into the swing of things! Not to mention that I want to be dead sure that I won't run into any trouble by not having the free time to take care of the duties that come with moderating a community :)

Like on Livejournal and Insanejournal, most of this journal will be friends only. All my fandom related creations (and possibly some discussions - I'll have to see how I split it here) will be posted to [community profile] love_sacrificed

I'll probably do a proper introduction post later on - along with a proper friends only post :D
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